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Neightown Application - Hyacinth




Name: Hyacinth  (Full name: Hyacinth William Ren)

Age: 20 years / Young adult

Gender: Male

Height: Shorter than average 

Weight: 130lbs

Species (Pony, Deer ETC) : Pony

Subspecies: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: One Pink flower and One Purple flower Crossed

Career: Gardener / Flower shop owner



Sexuality: Homosexual/Gay

Status: Single 

Fillies/Colts: none



At LEAST three traits for positive and negative. Neutral is optional 
Bullet; GreenPositive: Gentle, Kind, patient, sweet

Bullet; WhiteNeutral: Day-Dreamer, Hopeless romantic

Bullet; RedNegative: Quiet, Shy, tends to keep away from other ponies, trust issues, soft spoken



At LEAST 150 words in the entire section below. Current stage doesn't have to be filled out but MUST be filled over time 

As a colt Him and his family lived in a small village with few children, he was in a small class and he LOVED living there, but when his Father got a job offer in the Equestrian Guard they packed and moved far away, When he and his family moved Hyacinth didn't adapt well and was too afraid to talk to others because some ponies would make fun of his foreign accent, when out and about, he'd hide behind his mother or brother and only nod and shake his head, When hyacinth's father was Sent off to fight in the guard Hyacinth was impacted greatly and hid in his room for a few weeks only coming out to eat and go to school.

As a teen Hyacinth found his cutie mark and started studying about everything plants and flowers, he was happy for awhile until he started having strange feelings for a pony he met at the library, a Handsome grey coated Stallion named Inkwell, He hadn't noticed he liked Colts until he met Ink and he kept his sexuality a secret until he finished his Education and getting ready to move out, his Family was very accepting.. Except for his father. He stopped sending to his Father when he received a letter from the Pegasus telling him he did not support his son and soon after, two Equestrian guards showed up at His families door announcing his fathers fall in battle, Him and his family were devastated and they held a ceremony a week after.

Adult: When Hyacinth became an adult he moved out of his mothers home and opened up a small florist shop in the town, Hyacinth lives on the second floor of his shop and he makes a living by selling his Plants and Flowers - WIP

Elder: N/A

How You Got Your Cutie Mark:
While Hyacinth was a teen he was laying in the grass of his mothers back yard, a small brown lifeless flower stood out between the red and white flowers of his mothers small plot of land, The unicorn frowned at the flower in his mothers garden, it stood out like a sore hoof and he sighed sadly, He reached down and gently held the browning petals in his hoof, he picked the flower out of the dirt with his magic and it suddenly flourished with life, its leaves became green and its petals cleared of brown, he gasped silently as a tingling sensation spread around his flank, he looked down and he smiled brightly, He had his cutiemark! He skipped inside "Mother!, Mum!" his red maned mother turned to look at her child, her eyebrows furrowed "yes Hyacinth?" she spoke politely "Look! look!" he chirped as he raised the flower up to his mothers eye level, she took the flower, her golden magic taking over the red of his own, "Thank you Hyacinth, its beautiful!" she cooed but the small unicorn shook his head "no no! look!" he turned to show off his pale green flank, his mothers Golden eyes widened "Oh! Cinny!" she wailed and caged her son in a strong bear-hug, "im so proud of you!"



POV (1st or 3rd person?) : 3rd

Roleplay Example:
Hyacinth gently closed the glass door of his cozy Flower shop, and propped the 'CLOSED' sign up in the window, he let out a warm breath and turned to walk up the stairs into his living area, Hyacinth's shop was busy around this time of year, Hearts and Hooves day was coming up and ponies wanted his beautiful flowers for their special somepony! He was immensely happy about the incline of costumers but he was exhausted and needed a shower after the long day of picking and sorting bouquets.  
Gift for SpaceAsylum, i wanted to cheer her up bc some things haven't been going her way lately :)


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